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Treating Back Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are defined as the mesenchymal or precursor cells which are undifferentiated before entering the body. They eventually divide into various forms such as for bone, fat, cartilage or other connective tissues. The stem cells play a lead role for the reparative process within the body. The stem cells are derived from the bone marrow, fatty tissue, umbilical cord or synovial tissue.<br>

<p><strong>A notable stem cell treatment that brought back hope.</strong><br />There has been one or two successful <a href="">stem cell therapy for back pain</a> here and there that have brought relief to back pain patients. One of them is of a notable golfer, Jack Nicklaus, who suffered an immense amount of back pain until stem cell treatment came to his rescue.</p> <p><br />The procedure was carried out under the supervision of a German scientist in Munich. The process was carried out as explained above with a liposuction to collect fat from his abdomen. Once the useable stem cells were isolated, they were injected back into the body on both sides of the golfer’s lower neck and lower regions.    </p> <p><br />Since then <a href="">Nicklaus</a> has been going around with his testimony will swaying a lot of patients to try the procedure. But doctors are saying the procedure is not fully ready to be incorporated into everyday treatments procedure. More work and experiments need to be done.   </p> <p><br />In conclusion, with all the last coming from the industry, there seems to be hope and people suffering from severe pains are sure to smile and sing a new song soon because of stem cell treatment.</p> <p><strong>Location for injection administration.</strong> <br />For the stem cells to work effectively, it is important that it be injected into the structure that causes the pain. So the one major stage in the process will be to find the structure causing the pain. The most common structures that cause back pain are the discs; others may be facet joints or sacroiliac joints. <a href="">MRI</a> may help identify the discs that cause this pain.</p> <p><strong>Who is qualified to carry out this procedure? </strong><br />These stem cell procedures should be carried out by trained medical personnel who have a vast experience working with stem cells. The physician should have his certification to practice and should be proficient in using needles in discs.</p> <p><strong>Risks associated with stem cell treatments.</strong><br />The main risk associated with treating back pain with stem cell injection arises from infection, excessive bleeding or damage to a nerve ending. It is very important to visit an expert in the field while searching for stem cell treatment solutions. There is usually no risk of allergic reactions since the cells being injected are from the patient’s own body. It is always necessary for a physician to review any possible risks that can come up before administration of treatments.</p>

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