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What Happens to Our Body After a Foot Massage

Our feet are two little hard workers that carry our body all day long. We torture them with jogging, weightlifting and killer stiletto heels. They deserve at least a little bit of care instead of constant neglect.

<p>What can be better than a foot massage in some fancy SPA! Relaxing music, essential oils aroma, and finally, no need to run anywhere else. The violent rhythm of modern life makes us deeply appreciate such moments. You deserve this and so do your feet.</p> <p>Wise people of ancient Egypt and China knew how powerful a foot massage is. This art exists for already more than 5000 years, and this is where our modern <a href="">reflexology</a> comes from. Of course, it can’t treat severe disease, as some adepts promise, but it can certainly make your day better, and this is why:</p> <p><strong>The Foot Massage Is Not Only Good for Our Feet</strong><br />Any massage improves the blood circulation, making the blood flow into every part of our body. Therefore, a foot massage performs a general remedial effect. This is what happens with our body after a massage.</p> <ol> <li>Relaxation and anti-stress action. Stress is a provoking factor for the appearance of numerous diseases. Any way to fight it that is a good way, especially if it’s a pleasant method like a massage.</li> <li>Better sleep. The less stress, the more of a quality sleep you will have. Which is essential for being healthy, looking good and feeling strong and energetic.</li> <li>Arterial pressure stabilization. Foot massage is not able achieve this alone, but as one of a healthy lifestyle components, it’s able to improve the systolic blood pressure. </li> <li>Faster healing of <a href="">foot injuries</a>. Together with stretching and walking, it contributes to the improvement of flexibility and strength of your ankle joints.</li> <li>Pain relief. Better blood circulation and relaxing effect will make you feel better.</li> <li>Cosmetic effect. Foot massage with natural essential oils will indulge your skin and toenails to make them look terrific.</li> <li>Swell reduction. Pregnant women are those who need this the most. </li> <li>Relieving your PMS. These days are hard on many women, so why not make them a little better with some foot care.</li> <li>Improving your intimate life. If a massage is performed not in the SPA but by your loving partner in the bedroom, what can be a better prelude for the hottest night?</li> <li>Relieve of flat-footedness symptoms. If you suffer from these conditions, you may feel discomfort after physical activity. A massage may help to relieve this but consult your podiatrist first.</li> </ol> <p>Remember! If you are <a href="">pregnant</a> or have some health issues that influence the health of your feet, any massage must be approved by your doctor first. Any remedy may be harmful if implemented in the wrong conditions so take care of yourself mindfully.</p> <p> </p>

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