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How to Create a Dream Team for Your Startup

Your team is your everything. These people make your startup work. Sure, you can be a single player but if you have ambitions and want your business to grow and develop, there comes a moment when you realize you can’t do it alone. You need a team.

<p>Everything gets much more complicated as soon as you hire your first employee, but way more exciting too. As your business grows, you understand that you need more people. It is very important to understand this early on, here’s why.</p> <p><strong>Why a Multifunctional Team is Not an Option?</strong><br />Of course, the ability of your employees to work in multifunctional mode is excellent and will surely be useful for your company. Nevertheless, managing work like this on a constant basis is <a href="">not the way to go</a>.</p> <p>First, it’s harder for people to focus on their tasks when there is too many of them and each different from one another. What is better – one task done well and timely, or several done in a hurry and sometimes without deep understanding of the process?</p> <p>Second, it will be very difficult understanding the responsibility for each employee. Everybody works together, tasks overlap, and everything is in chaos. It is difficult not only for them but for you to manage everything.</p> <p>If you want to be efficient, the tasks in your team must be strictly <a href="">regulated</a> and divided. It will be much more convenient for everyone to know what he or she is responsible for, to concentrate on their tasks and for you to oversee it all.</p> <p><strong>Dig It Yourself First</strong><br />When talking about a team, it means you won’t do everything yourself. But it will be very useful if you try each task yourself. This will improve your understanding of the processes and help you distribute the work and duties more effectively.</p> <p>You will see how much time the tasks take to be completed and what difficulties can occur in the process. Of course, professionals with experience will surely do some of them better and faster than you (like <a href="">payroll accounting</a> or hardware maintenance) but at least having an idea of how it all works is necessary to be able to overlook those positions.</p> <p><strong>Properly Delegate Work</strong><br />Proper work delegation is something that not only you need to understand and implement but your employees as well. One person can’t handle the amount of responsibility and work as efficient as several people can. This is why proper time management and strict regulations of tasks is necessary.</p> <p>Somebody who has experience of working in bigger companies would make best candidate for a supervisor position. Usually such people know how to optimize all the processes and build a communication within the working process. Nevertheless, sometimes an ambitious person with creative thinking may open brand new horizons that will change your understanding of everything forever.</p> <p><strong>Get to Know the People You Hire</strong><br />The importance of knowing what kind of people you hire can never be overestimated. You are responsible for this team to work efficiently together. Hiring different personalities can bring different qualities into your team, and it’s good. In addition, pay attention to how comfortable all these people feel about working together.</p> <p>Figure out what motivates each person working for you. It must be positive; they must have their own interest to do productive work for you. The ability to grow and build a career is an excellent motivation for employees.</p> <p>Be the best friend and helper to your employees but don’t allow any familiarity; distance must be present. Successful teamwork is a big puzzle gathered from small elements and you’re the one in charge to make it work. Measure is the key word here; find a perfect balance and work together.</p> <p> </p>

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