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How to Get The Best Wedding Video Ever

Hiring a videographer for your wedding video can cost anywhere from $1,000 and even up to $15,000. Just as there is a big difference in prices, the styles vary just as much. Here are some tips to help you hire a professional that will be perfect for you.

<p>1. Hire the Person Whose Style Most Closely Matches Yours<br />Just like photographers have different styles, videographers have also different approaches to shooting video. <a href="">Documentary styles</a> follow the event chronologically and don’t use that many special effects. Whereas a cinematic approach is more dramatic, with unique shooting angles and effects. So your first step in finding the perfect videographer is figuring out which style suits you best.  </p> <p><br />2. Take Finding a Videographer As Seriously As You Do Your Photographer<br />Never put off hiring a <a href="">wedding videographer</a> until the last minute. Good studios get booked fast and have busy schedules. If you put it off, you will only have a few studios left to choose from. Plan ahead, set a reasonable budget for your wedding video, and take the time to interview your potential studios.</p> <p><br />3. Subscribe to Video Websites<br />When looking for a wedding videographer, reviewing their previous work is the best way to narrow down your choice. A good place to find top videographers and view their work is on Vimeo and <a href="">Love Stories TV</a>. It’s also a good idea to search by wedding venue and location to see clips from where your reception will take place and get ideas. Remember that not all videos are created equal. When reviewing samples, pay attention to how well the video was lit, music choice and transitions.</p> <p><br />4. Embrace the Professional Referral Factor<br />Most likely your wedding planner and photographer has worked with a few videographers in the past and can possible give you good referrals. Since they worked with them previously, they have first hand experience about their work. Also keep in mind that many photography studios also do videography. Most times it makes perfect sense to get both as a package from the same company.</p> <p><br />5. Seek Out Reviews<br />Even when you feel like you found the perfect wedding videographer based on their sample work, you should still take your time to read their reviews and call references. Because there are things you can’t tell by looking at sample clips. For example, was he able to capture all the important parts of the wedding? Was he easy to work with and have a positive attitude? How satisfied was the couple with their final film?</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>

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