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5 Habits That Will Lead to Back Problems in Women

Back problems appear gradually, and at the wrong time. It interrupts your everyday life morally and physically, worsens your mood and efficiency.

<p>Often times, you can blame typical mistakes that almost everyone makes. We have gathered the most common habits that lead to pain and affect your back. Women are in a special risk zone. Often they ignore the situation that makes them feel bad.</p> <p><strong>5 Habits That Lead to Back Problems</strong></p> <p><em>1. Woman handbags</em></p> <p>The love women have for huge bags carries a serious threat to the health of their back. The need to carry everything with you is understandable, no matter if it is useful or remains only a heavy burden. However, this overload can cause back pain and poor posture. In order to solve the problem, leave in the bag only what you actually use during the day.</p> <p>An alternative may be a backpack - and straighten your posture to unload your back. If you wear it correctly - on two shoulders, and not on one, adjusting so that it fits snugly to the shoulder blades, and does not dangle on the back. The backpack will be a good helper for you and your back.</p> <p><em>2. Improperly organized space in the house</em></p> <p>Daily household chores in the form of washing dishes, cooking dinner or ironing clothes, heavy food bags - are merciless on our backs. And here again women are in the risk zone, because on their shoulders, or rather, their backs, they most often take care of the household. As a result - frequent appeals to orthopedists about <a href="">back pain</a>, poor posture, and other related problems.</p> <p>It must be remembered that the setting of the house should be perfectly tailored to you. The height of the table, sink, ironing board should be adjusted to your height. The furniture with adjustable legs is ideal for this.</p> <p><em>3. Wrong prepared casual shoes</em></p> <p>Fashion dictates constant innovations that go against the notions of a healthy back. Fascinated by beautiful high heels in the store and new fashion trends, women sometimes forget about the direct connection between the quality of <a href="">shoes and posture</a>.</p> <p>High heels, as well as a completely flat sole, gives a large load on the spine. The weight is incorrectly distributed, which results in an unnecessary load transfer to the spinal muscles. Wearing such shoes every day is not suitable. For everyday use, choose shoes with a steady heel up to 3-4 cm. Sandals and other summer shoes should be with straps that tightly hold the toe and heel.</p> <p><em>4. Fashionable clothes, constraining movement</em></p> <p>Victims of fashion trends, those who prefer narrow clothes, also risk developing back problems. A pencil skirt, a tapered dress, skinny jeans worn by men now, noticeably restrict freedom of movement and impair blood circulation. Strained back muscles during the day can cause back pain.</p> <p>An important issue for women is corrective underwear, which strongly squeezes the muscles, disrupting the blood circulation. When choosing a daily bra you should take into account comfort and your own health, not just beauty. It is better to choose clothes that don’t constrain movements.</p> <p><em>5. Sleep</em></p> <p>The rigidity of the mattress in this situation plays a big role. It should not be too soft but moderately hard. Improper sleep posture, coupled with the wrong mattress will not only disturb us during sleeping but can also cause back pain. To prevent this, take care in advance about proper <a href="">sleep hygiene</a>, so that not only you but also your back can have a good rest.</p> <p> </p>

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